Hi, my name is

Julia Khakimova

I’m a сontent сreator

I’ve been writing about web design and everything connected with it with a huge love for a very long time. When I close Google Docs, I travel, shoot TikTok videos, and find inspiration in fashion week and runway Vogue coverage.

My Principles

Here I open the doors to the core values and beliefs that underpin my approach as a Content Creator.


Difficult doesn’t mean good

I always ask myself the question “If a 7-year-old child reads my text, will he understand what I wrote?”. If my answer is “no”, then this text is complex, and therefore bad.


No long sentences

Long. Sentences. Are. Evil.


My text is a conversation with the reader

I always try to make the reader feel comfortable, to be the center of my attention, and to inspire the feeling that I wrote this text for him or her.


More examples

Complex things are easier to understand if they are accompanied by examples.


Longreads don’t always work

If you squeeze out the text and throw out long arguments, repetitions, and express thoughts in simple language, the text will become smaller, but not worse.


Staying polite

Maintaining clear communication and a friendly attitude to the client helps me understand the client’s expectations better.


In this section I invite you to take a quantitative journey through my content creator endeavors.


posts written


likes collected


comments received

My Biography

Some facts about me and my long-term relationships.

I have been friends with languages and web design for a very long time. I was a Flex student in high school and spent a year as an exchange student in Minnesota. Later I studied German translation and took part in the Erasmus+ program. I started writing about web design after taking a copywriting course at TemlateMonster and have been writing for many resources. Not only content but also aesthetics are important for me. The visual component of the text (structure, visuals, use of space) is just as important as the content.

My Education

I proudly present my Certificate of Completion from the Copywriting Course by MasterBundles. This course has been instrumental in honing my skills and understanding of the intricate world of copywriting.


Whether you’re interested in collaboration, have a question, or simply want to share your thoughts, I welcome your outreach.

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